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Выставка полиуретанекс

12-ая Международная специализированная выставка

Ежегодная выставка Полиуреатнекс является единственной в России международной специализированной выставкой композитных материалов, технологий и оборудований.

АО «Завод строительного оборудования Протон» принял участие в международной выставке Полиуретанекс в Москве, которая проходила с 30 марта по 1 апреля 2021 года .
Было много интересных знакомств, встречи с партнерами и даже подписание контракта. Встреча с нашими дилерами из других стран.

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New declaration!

EAEU Declaration of Conformity
Joint Stock Company «Construction Equipment Plant Proton» has renewed the EAEU Declaration of Conformity for 5 years. A set of measures was carried out, as a result of which, the compliance of our equipment for polyurethane foam and polyurea with the requirements approved by the special technical regulations of the CU was confirmed.

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Successfully passed the tests

Tests were carried out in a European laboratory to obtain a certificate. Preparation for the requirements of European standards took 4 months. The tests were carried out at the Testing Institute TSU Slovakia. Now the Proton Construction Equipment Plant can affix the CE mark and sell its products to the European Union! This means we are expanding our boundaries and trying to improve our equipment to all standards of all countries of the world.

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Exhibition in Moscow

HEAT & POWER 2020 is the only international exhibition of industrial boiler, heat exchange and power generating equipment in Russia.

At the end of October 2020, Proton Construction Equipment Plant, took part in a specialized exhibition of industrial equipment HEAT & POWER
Such participation in exhibitions gives customers the opportunity to assess the quality of the equipment presented by us, to study the technical and operational characteristics of our devices.
It was a unique opportunity for us to conduct the maximum number of business negotiations with manufacturers and suppliers in the shortest possible time.
Russia, Moscow, Crocus Expo IEC

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Exhibition in Belarus

Our official dealer of the Proton plant took part in the exhibition in Belarus.
The exhibition was called “Belarusian House” and was held on the territory of the Football Arena in Minsk.
This exhibition presented a wide range of modern building and finishing materials, as well as everything for the insulation of residential buildings and industrial hangars.

On the spot, you could get valuable advice and lucrative offers from professionals in the field of construction and insulation. Every day of the exhibition was full of useful seminars and master classes.
The official representative in Belarus Ivanov Ruslan.
Email: ivanov.r.zvana@gmail.com

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Seminar in Krasnodar

Presentation of the equipment of the Proton plant in the city of Krasnodar together with the representative of our plant Yuri Alexandrovich Machkasov and with the participation of Vek Polymer LLC, a dealer of the Dow Izolan plant, who provided polyurethane foam components for this seminar.

The presentation of the PROTON E6 equipment and the discussion of the advantages of working on domestically produced devices took place in a friendly atmosphere with competent speakers in the field of PPU. As a result of the meeting, everyone who wanted to purchase equipment was given the opportunity to purchase it on «special» conditions at a special price.
At the seminar we presented a model of our high-pressure equipment PROTON E-6 designed for applying two-component compositions by spraying on any surfaces.

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Dealers in Belarus

Our plant has found a reliable partner in Belarus
Republic of Belarus (Belarusian Republican Republic of Belarus)
We are glad to have new partners and are expanding our dealer network.
An official representative of our Construction Equipment Plant Proton has appeared in Belarus, which sells equipment throughout the country.
Ivanov Ruslan Tagirovich
Minsk district, ag. Kolodischi, st. Minsk house 5 office 114
+ 375-296730638
Email: ivanov.r.zvana@gmail.com

In the office of our dealer you can get professional advice on materials: polyurethane foam and polyurea, as well as undergo training on PROTON equipment.
This office provides warranty and post-warranty service for PROTON devices

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We have improved the model and launched the PROTON E-5m equipment for serial production.
Price = quality. We managed to make a decent quality without raising prices.
This unit is designed for the application of two-component compositions by spraying. The equipment is completed with high pressure hoses.
The advantages that we highlight in it:
Mobility and lightness allows spraying polyurethane foam on any object.
Can be used with both small portable containers and 200 liter drums.
Reliability of construction, due to the use of quality components.
• High productivity reduces the time of work.
• Ease of use reduces training time.
• High precision dosing of components.

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Release of new equipment for polyurethane foam and polyurea «PROTON E-6»
It took six months to develop this model and test it. The PROTON E-6 unit is designed for applying two-component compositions by spraying. It differs from the model that was earlier PROTON E-5 in electronic control of pressure gain and maintenance.
«PROTON E-6» monitors the pressure in the system, stops the engine when the set value is reached, which significantly reduces the pump wear and increases the reliability of the device, signals when the pressure imbalance exceeds the allowable value.
For the convenience of working with polyurea, the PROTON E-6 apparatus is equipped with a hose with a diameter of d 10mm. Since polyurea is a viscous material, drum pumps and drum heaters will make it easier to handle.

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Our first Declaration of Conformity.

Our first Declaration of Conformity.
Customs Union Declaration of Conformity — a document defining the implementation of a whole range of measures to confirm the quality of products, as a result of which the conformity of our equipment for polyurethane foam and polyurea was confirmed to the requirements approved by the special technical regulations of the CU
Our PROTON equipment will now be supplied to the EAEU countries.
The first countries where our Proton devices were sent:
• Republic of Belarus;
• Republic of Armenia;
• The Republic of Kazakhstan;
• Republic of Kyrgyzstan